Hi, I'm mostly a writer but I’m also a founder, strategist and operator too, with 10+ years experience in brand, editorial, customer support, growth and product teams helping build companies from independent brands to global innovators.

I came into tech, software and startups by way of fashion, soft goods and physical products. Since then, I've worked in many industries, in many forms, and bring my breadth, agility, and systems thinking to my work as a story-driven, experience-led copywriter and content writer.

ANALOG is my monthly newsletter featuring my latest writing, work and insights. It’s an archive of my work and thinking over time. A log. My log. Ana’s log. Analog.

I cover a little bit of everything across the fields of business, art, design, entertainment, fashion, science, technology, psychology, culture and people. And I try to make strategic and cross-disciplinary thinking fun, digestible and open to all.

Visit me at ana-wang.com.

The background colour of this page and of this publication is HEX Code #FFF8E7, also known as Cosmic Latte, the average colour of the universe as found by a team of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University in 2001.